Winter dish for winter

Winter-cold, dry climate makes people prone to dry lips, cough, hot lungs. Therefore, it is necessary to compensate for leprous foods.

According to the concept of traditional medicine “East of the crystal”, “Autumn warm winter”; So winter is a good season to improve health. In the cold season, supplementing with nutrients will save energy stored in the body. The 9th day after the winter solstice is the ultrasonic transition point and the beginning of the year. Therefore, accretion at this time will bloom the gas, nourishment, help the birth and development of oxygen in the body, forming a prerequisite for health the whole year.



Cold, dry climates make people prone to dry lips, cough, hot lungs. Therefore, it is necessary to compensate for leprous foods. In addition to using tonics, exercise should be exercised, while eating moderation with the usual nutrition. To properly toned, not abuse when using drugs, when using tonic to the prestigious establishment to be specified:

Please introduce some leprechauns:

– Alkaline water: It has beneficial effect, but effective against all types of hot cough. Cover for the same amount of alum sugar in the day, pour water about 2 hours to cook, drink out.

– Water code teacher, red radish: It has the effect of biofertilizing new, especially effective with dry lips disease. Use red radish, teacher code, almond, apple sweet, arbitrary amount and 2 pieces of the ceiling. All boiled 3 hours is okay. Drink all the water.



– Apples tunnel: apples 1, cut the top to cover, hollow intestines, put the dense bread and honey into the apple intestine, then use the apple tart tip, 2 hours to eat tunnel water.

– Water pear snow, teacher code: 250g code master, pear snow 250g, white sugar 50g, washed master code, sliced, pear peeled sliced seeds; put in the fabric to press the water to boil to cool, put sugar to stir the drink.

It is important to keep in mind that fatty foods, such as cold foods, do not interfere with the digestive function of the spices, affecting the absorption of vitamins and other nutritious foods.

During the period of acclimatization, if you have a fever, constipation, stop taking supplements because there are many types of medicine to sweat, diarrhea and diuretic. So if you continue to take supplements will make it difficult for the body to eliminate the disease through the urinary tract and sweat. Therefore, please wait for the disease to drink.



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