When you are cold

Home remedies in the garden below will help a lot in treating some common diseases in cold weather.

In these days the northern provinces cold weather, in the hospital the number of patients visit the clinic soared. However, there are some serious illnesses, but there are some minor illnesses that the medications in the home garden also help a lot. Here are some plants that you can use as soon as you need them.

Mindset for the headache: Business is a vegetable spice indispensable in the meals of the family. Vegetable aromatic, delicious and many therapeutic effects.

Thirst, throat swelling, vomiting, migraine , patchouli, patchouli every 10g with 300ml boiled water 5 minutes, divided into 2 drinks.

Allergy Pregnancy: take 100g of small canopy business soaked in 1,000ml, vinegar bar, water absorbed into the gauze rubbed on the allergy pruritus .

Blood stain due to nosebleed: flowers black star dark 15g color with 200ml of water during the day.

Cucumber remedies: Turnips also known as radish, spinach, silver base. Radish is used as a boiled vegetable, pickled salt, pickled radish soaked vinegar. In addition to the effect is vegetable, turmeric is also a cure for asthma, asthma with multiple phlegm, abdominal chest full of urine, urinary secret.


radish cough


Cough cough long time: 10g seeds, 10g shiso, 10g. All star fragrant, add to the canvas bag add 50ml water, sharp to 200ml, divided into 3 times a day.

Cherry blossom tongue : Traditional folk experience to use vegetable juice to thrill the tongue of children effectively. 20g freshly squeezed vegetable leaves, squeezed water, mixed with 20g honey. Fill the wound with sterile gauze and dip it onto the tongue and nose of the young child 3-4 times a day, beat 2-3 times a day. Note the tongue before the baby feeds 10 – 15 minutes, not hit when the baby just sucked full stomach easily.

Ginger cure abdominal pains loose liquid: Ginger also known as birth (fresh ginger), calypso. Ginger is warm, helps digestion, used in cases of poor eating, eating indigestion, vomiting, liquid goose, motion sickness, hallowed welding, cough, loss of sound … To cure pepper diarrhea, mild, weak, sweat, cold hands. 60 g dried ginger, cinnamon 60g, fresh ginger 40g, 100g salted soak with white wine 40 degrees (1,000ml), 3-4 times a day, 10 to 20ml each time, drink until stop drinking.



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