Utilization of cysticercosis in view of traditional and modern medicine

From the ancient times, millennia ago in China has spread the miracle story of a species when the child is a tree, it is the carnation. It was not until about 620 AD that Mordorin was known in China. In the 15th and 18th centuries, Tibetan learned scholars learned about the mystical healing effects of these creatures

The use of cardiac arrest according to oriental medicine

From ancient times, millennia ago in China has spread the miracle story of a species when the child is a tree, it is the carnation. It was not until about 620 AD that Mordorin was known in China. In the 15th and 18th centuries, Tibetan learned scholars learned about the mystical healing effects of these creatures

Brassica is a medicinal herb that was included in the oriental medicine literature in the mid-18th century in the  Book of Migration (1765). According to this ancient documents, the cardinal effect is as follows:

Nutritious cutworms are sweet, tempered into two canals and kidneys, the effect of the body for the sick, useful waste, kidney, complement myeloma, hemostatic, phlegm, cure for damage. , coughing blood, impotence, back aching knee, genitals, heart attack.

Today under the development of modern medicine, scientists around the world have proven the benefits of DHT

The use of cardiology in the view of modern medicine

Oriental and Western medicine are based on different backgrounds so far there are still many inconsistencies. However, for both tomatoes, the two sides not only agree on the great healing effects of the lowered BSE, but also complement each other in bringing down the hemorrhage into a myth in medicine. East discovered and brought the wormwood to treatment of most diseases, the West re-verified the hypothesis of the therapeutic effect of winter wormwood of the East by experiment.

The effect of the carcinogens was recognized by both East and West. The following is a summary of the uses of tomato seedlings according to research published in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms:

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– Cancer treatment support: Clinical studies conducted in Japan and China have shown that people with different cancers receive 6 grams of hemorrhagic cortisol each day combined with chemotherapy in the ring. Two months have significantly reduced the size of the tumors, while patients treated with radiation or chemotherapy do not change significantly.

– Support for the treatment of kidney-related diseases: Thanks to the ability to increase the levels of 17-hydroxy-corticosteroids and 17-ketosteroids in the body, the East Down syndrome can help support the treatment and rehabilitation of most cancers. and kidney related symptoms such as chronic kidney failure, impaired renal function, kidney damage, etc.

– Impact on the immune system: Do not only stimulate the immune system, but also, miraculously, have the ability to suppress the immune system. In 1996, scientists were amazed to discover that the drug they used to stimulate the immune system (which protects the body from pathogens and removes harmful substances). the body also has the ability to suppress the immune system (which is important in organ transplant surgery – keeping the organ transplant from being damaged).

– Supports blood glucose regulation, diabetes control : One area of special interest is the ability to support blood sugar regulation of the cardiac arrest. The study found that 95% of diabetics who used 3 grams of Cordyceps per day had a change in blood glucose levels, while only 54% of patients in the treatment group had other changes.

– Support for lung diseases: DTHT It has the potential to increase oxygen-efficiency in the body, along with provenances that can help treat many respiratory illnesses, including serious illnesses such as asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), bronchitis, bronchospasm, etc.

Support for cardiovascular diseases: Chemical analysis shows that the East Archipelago contains adenosine, deoxy-adenosine, adenosine nucleotides and other free nucleotides, etc., to stabilize and correct arrhythmia. . In addition, digoxin, hydrochlorothiaside, dopamine, and dobutamine in hemorrhagic cortisol significantly improve the quality of life of patients with chronic heart failure, such as increased general physical, as well as about sex life.

 Treatment of liver related diseases: Nearly all studies on the relationship between East Cordyceps and liver function have shown that CAD can improve liver function. Today, dicotyledon is commonly used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis , chronic hepatitis B , C in many countries in Asia. In addition, dicotyledon is also used in combination with some medicinal mushrooms to support lamivudine in the treatment of hepatitis B.

– Support for sexual dysfunction and sexual dysfunction: Cysticercosis has been used for centuries to support the treatment of sexual dysfunction and dysfunction in both men and women, Help lowers blood cholesterol: Although elevated blood cholesterol is not generally considered a disease, it is a clear indication that the body has had functional dysfunction. substance and risk of cardiovascular. Bovine leukemia has been proven to work well in lowering blood cholesterol levels.

– Anti fatigue: Cereal seed oil increases ATP (Acetone triphosphate – the energy source for all cell activities) and oxygen in the body to keep the user healthy and free from fatigue symptoms.

-Application in HIV / AIDS Treatment: Another great use of Hematopoietic Stem Cells is to support HIV / AIDS treatment, in HFCA (Hydroxy-Ethyl-Adenosine) – Analogs have strong antimicrobial and antiviral effects. One of the active ingredients of this group is used by experts in the United States to produce anti-AIDS drugs and is now used in countries with HIV infection rates. And the immune system is as high as in Africa. In addition, carcinogens are often used as a tonic for weak people, new people from dangerous diseases, etc. Other effects of carcinogens are still being studied and discovered every day.

The Cordyceps Militaris Cordyceps Militia

Dicillaria has brought in the miraculous use has constantly urged many countries in the world to research and cultivate a lot of human health care products, especially Cordyceps Militaris Cordyceps .

Like most ” Cordyceps” , C. Militaris is a parasitic fungus on insects and larvae of insects. This species mainly infects the pupa stage of different butterflies. The spores of the fungus under the wind enter the host, then into the germination tube with the leptospires. These tubes secrete enzymes such as lipase, chitinase, and protease that dissolve the host’s outer shell and penetrate the inside of the body. Then the yeast system absorbs nutrients and grows aggressively occupy the whole body and cause death of the host. At the end of summer or autumn, the herb grows from the larvae of light yellow or orange.



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