Treatment of hepatitis by Oriental medicine

For viral hepatitis in particular, hepatitis in general, Oriental medicine has many effective remedies.

These are not special remedies that enhance liver function, help liver function back to normal.

Oriental medicine does not divide into hepatitis, which is called jaundice (jaundice). According to Y Van, imperial cause mainly due to low temperature in the spleen, affecting can, born yellow eyes, yellow face and body are all yellow, dark yellow urine. If the toxic gas of low heat is not digested will make more and less eat, the liver is increasingly large.

Treatment by disease

In terms of classification, Eastern medicine divides the two emperors: the emperor and the emperor.

Emeralds, bright yellow eyes such as tangerine, yellow skin, nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, red and red urine, fever, tired body languor, poor eating, oily yellow moss, or thin white, red tongue. The treatment is thermal bar, low benefit. Medicine : 30g ceiling, 20g, 10g, 10g, 10g, 10g, 10g, 10g, 10g, 10g, 20g, 20g, 12g, 12g, malt 16g , licorice male 8g. All in a warm water with 500ml water, 150ml color, extravagant, for the next color, take another 100ml, mixed together both times, divide evenly during the day, drink before meals. Immediate 7 – 10 days.

Abdominal discomfort, gastrointestinal disturbances, epigastric, medial, thrombocytopenia, fever, body fatigue, white mottle plain gold, pale tongue.

Tree Ceiling
Tree Ceiling


The cure is a low wattage chemistry. Common drug : 30g ceiling, 20g ginger, dried ginger 8g, cinnamon 4g, 30g, 10g divine, 20g artichoke, stew stick 10g (star), yellow sausage 20g, lemongrass 8g, malt 16g, male licorice 8g (star). Excellent drink as all over.

Treatment by disease

Chronic hepatitis usually occurs after acute hepatitis ( hepatitis , hepatitis); after malaria or malnutrition lasting. The most common clinical manifestations are diminished hepatic function, hepatic cell degeneration and gastrointestinal disorders, liver pain, jaundice, diarrhea or constipation, delayed appetite, anorexia

Causes of traditional medicine are due to the function of the spleen, the disorder can affect the blood or new fluid, which in turn affects the functioning of the body. Some medications to treat each disease:

Low calcification: chronic hepatitis. Patients often see the mouth does not want to eat, abdominal fullness, chest fullness, dry mouth, pain in the liver, dark skin. Urinary incontinence, yellow, red tongue, yellow moss, circulatory. The treatment is low thermal energy, quasi-imperialism, low deductible. Use one of the following remedies:

Exercise 1 , 20g, 12g, 8g, 8g, 12g, 12g, 12g bean, 12g grasshopper, 12g sprouts, 12g sprouts. Drink on 1 month.

Lesson 2 : Humanity of the ceiling is reduced to 20g, white 12g, sa 12g, equation 16g, 12g, 8g, 12g, 12g. Drink on 1 month.

Article 3: The royal phalanx is reduced 12g, 12g, 12g, 8g, 8g cardamom, 8g cardamom, 16g gold jewelry, 12g pine wood, 20g ceiling, orange 4g. Drink on 1 month.

Muscle failure, stagnation: common in chronic hepatitis due to hepatitis. The patient had painful ribs, chest pain, bitter mouth, poor appetite, fatigue, decaying urine, pale tongue, thin white tongue, hypotonia. The cure is a suicide. Use one of the following remedies:

Exercise 1g : 12g chives, bitter melon 12g, 8g chewy, only 8g, 8g, 8g, 16g, 16g, 12g nail 16g. Drink on 1 month.

Lesson 2: Sai records can reduce: 12g, 8g, 8g, 6g, 6g, 6g, 6g, 8g. Drink on 1 month.

Lesson 3: Sai gon thang thang 12g, 12g ginseng, 8g ginseng, 8g licorice, 6g tinfoil, 6g lower, 6g 12g, 12g white. Drink on 1 month.

Damage to the affected person : shock, nervousness, drowsiness, drowsiness, paleness of the hands, red tongue, constipation, urine, circulatory system. The cure is nourishing nourishment. Use one of the following remedies:

Lesson 1: 12g sa 12g, 12g 12g, 8g, 8g, 16g, 16g, 16g, 12g, 8g secretion. Drink on 1 month.

Lesson 2: The most consistent discount: 12g ginseng, 12g 12g, 12g ginseng, vascular 12g, 12g 12g, 12g 12g, 12g. Drink on 1 month.

If insomnia apple 10g; 12g, 8g. Echocardiography is a good treatment for chronic hepatitis.

Thromboembolism: Common in chronic hepatitis with venous hypertension syndrome. Patients with dark skin, dark lips, purple tongue, spleen, thin skin, poor appetite, collateral circulation in the abdomen, urinary excretion, yellow urine, red tongue or blood clots , yellow sticky moss, circuitry. The cure is a blood vessel. Use one of the following remedies:

Item 1 : blood 12g, grass 12g, 8g 8g, 8g 8g, 8g 8g, 8g only, 12g, 16g sample, 10g. Drink on 1 month.

Lesson 2: Four pink roses fell, 12g, 12g, 12g, 12g, 8g, 8g, 8g. Drink on 1 month. If the spleen to add 12g lacquer, tartar 12g, sample 20g, 20g apricot blossom.



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