Treatment and treatment of sinusitis by Oriental medicine

Eastern medicine has many medicinal remedies, drugs to treat sinusitis, depending on the grade or satisfaction. In addition, massage acupressure support very well for treatment.


Oriental medicine has many medicinal remedies to treat sinusitis , depending on the grade or chronic. In addition, massage acupressure support very well for treatment.


Honeysuckle : sweet, welding properties. Effect of heat bar, detoxification, antiseptic, for sinusitis treatment. In addition to cure boils, rash, rash, rheumatism …

Horse head : also known as euthanasia is sweet, slightly bitter, calculated average, have a detoxifying effect, low antibacterial. Used to treat sinusitis, in addition to cure boils, rash, toothache.

Lettuce fish
Lettuce fish

Piglet: also known as bitter taste, welding properties, low effect, active blood, blood tonic. Used to treat sinusitis in addition to cure back pain, fatigue, knee paralysis, limbs, half.

New di: spicy taste, warm features have the effect of heating the upper, gifted. Treatment of sinusitis, in addition to stuffy nose, headache, nasal congestion trouble breathing, boils in the nose.

Lettuce fish : also known as sour chrysanthemum, fishy smell, cool features, thermal bar detoxification effect, emptiness, antiseptic. Used to treat sinusitis, in addition to cure nail, urinary retention, irregular menstruation, pneumonia, red eyes …



Acute sinusitis : must be discarded heat, detoxification is the main. Take medication with the drug: honeysuckle 16g, horse head 16g, 8g, 12g, 16g, 16g.

Chronic sinusitis : must be nourishing, the heat detrimental heat bar is the main. Take medicine with the drug: 16g birthplace, 12g ginseng, 12g 12g, 12g circular, 16g honeysuckle, horse head 16g, 8g ceiling, 12g royal.

These medications for 750ml of clean water until 250ml, divided into 3 times the drug during the warm day.

KY II: massage, acupressure



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