Spring food

On the occasion of spring, due to the large difference between cold and hot, besides the secretion function of the low sebaceous glands, therefore, diet should be high in vitamins A, E, B2 and vegetables. contains vitamin C.

Oriental medicine said that the spring food in addition to the beauty of the skin, also requires the effect of nursing.

Perfectly cooked

Material: 60g frog meat, 1 pair of piglets, 12g fish balls, 15g dough, salt and salt just enough.

How to use – how to use:

Frogs removed meat, washed, cut off the pigs, torn off white veins, washed. Wash the diary.

Put all ingredients in the pot, add 5 cups of water, boil with strong fire, turn small fire cooking 1 hour, add oil just enough, salt is finished. Every day or every day.

Effect: food has the effect of skin, leukemia, blood gas, clearing wrinkles. Suitable for people from middle-aged to old, postpartum women, body weakness, loss of strength, color is not bright. Note: Not suitable for people with gastrointestinal disorders.


Spring food

Fog meat


Porridge – Peaches

Ingredients: peach blossom (dried) 1g, 1 pork loin, 100g rice, salt, soy sauce, minced ginger, onion, sesame oil, seasoning powder just enough.

How to use – how to use: peach blossom dried low temperature, smooth, use later. Rice husk clean, use later.

Pork washed, knife Morocco to the bone and flesh, entered cast iron pan, add just enough water, boil with fire power, Skimmer, transfer small fire stew legs to jelly, picking away the bones, add rice and cherry smooth, small fire continued security porridge, porridge cooked when, seasoning soy sauce, salt, chopped ginger, scallions, sesame oil, seasoning salt, mix well, then finished. Use one time, warm.

Effect: active blood leukocyte, milk gas, newborn, chest full. Suitable for breast feeding women with facial nourishment. Postpartum women use this dish to clear milk, bleeding bruises in the body, help remove bleeding and nutritive skin, useful body.

Hot pot herring – royal family

Pork meat 200g, 150g tofu, 150g ginger, 75g lard, fresh ginger 15g, onion 10g, wine 30ml, white sugar, salt, seasoning powder, pepper powder, vinegar each just enough, 2 liters of water.

How to use – how to use: fish extract, gills, internal organs, sliced square. Lean meat washed sliced, tofu sliced, tamarind soft tamarind cut. Twisted, wrapped in a cloth bag, put in a pot of water, pour 2 times of water, each time 15 minutes, take the medicine after use.

Add the boiling water, remove the scum, then pour into the medicinal water, after boiling, add the water to the heat, remove the ginger slices, onions, pineapple, seasoning, vinegar, wine. , pass through a hot pot, eat with the material. Can be eaten directly or mixed dishes.

Reason: supplemental pneumatic equipment, beauty skin leap. Suitable for people with pruritus negative, eat less dry mouth, short breath weak, pancreatic skin color is not bright, dry skin wrinkles.

Roast chicken cooked the royal

Material: 1 hen, 50 g royal, ginger, onion, salt just enough

How – how to use: Hens slaughter, hair removal and internal organs, washed. Wash the chicken, stuffed chicken in the stomach, put the pot enough water, then add ginger, onion and salt. Place the pot on the stove, boil it with strong fire, turn the stew until the meat is tender. Day 1 cup, take a few days.

Reason: to promote bronchial asthma, aerobic benefits, kidney damage, beauty treatment. For the excess damage, scabies headache, fatigue, color is not bright, legs edged.

Fancy the frog

Materials: 0.5kg frog, royal 50g, lotus seed 100g, fresh ginger 4 slices.

How to use – how to use: clean frogs, remove viscera, skin, head, pan over the kitchen, pour hot oil, remove ginger slices, add a little wine, take out. Sprinkle the lotus seeds and lotus seeds, and frogs and water to the pot, boil with strong fire, turn small fire cooking 1 – 3 hours, tasting.

Reason: supplemental pneumatic equipment, beauty skin leap. Use for spleen, brown color, sluggish, eat less, lazy talk or liquid. If added 15g ginseng will increase the damage function.

Sunflower seeds

Material: sunflower seed 30g, goat hair 1.

How – how to use: Sunflower seeds puree, remove the shell. Wash the blood. Seeds of sunflower and goat are put into a bowl, cover the fish with a small fire for 2 hours.

Effect: brain damage, blood pressure, dizziness headache, skin nourishment. Suitable for people with bleeding from the blood, not bright face.

Beef Corn Beef

Material: beef 250g, pearl 100g, peach 10g, fresh ginger 2 slices.

How to use – How to use: Cow beef monolithic wash, boiling water to remove odor. Fresh, clean ginger. Excavation boiling water, peeled silk.

All ingredients add to the pot, boil by fire, turn small fire cooking 2-3 hours, corn croutons sliced, seasoned. Used as side dishes.

Effect: the soup is blood tonic blood tonic, bleaching skin. Suitable for people with impotent blood tone, color yellow face, dry skin, or skin tone, dark color is not bright.




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