Seeds – The medicine is cool and bright

Seed – medicine name is draft decree, also known as strabismus, resolving death, code to decide. The scientific name and decision of death are the dried ripe fruit seeds of the deciduous tree (Cassia tora L.).

Seeds – the name of the medicine is decisively, also known as strabismus, resolving death. The scientific name and decision of death are the dried ripe fruit seeds of the deciduous tree (Cassia tora L.). According to Oriental medicine, seeds are sweet, bitter, salty, and slightly welded; into the can Effect of can minh thanh item, except heat dissipation (cool liver, useful kidney, bright eyes, sedative). For cases of redness of the conjunctivitis, lacrimation (lethargy).

Thao decided (decision to death) is a ripe fruit of the deciduous tree.

Dosage used: 8 – 20g.

Some ways to use seeds for medicine:

Useful kidneys, bright eyes: used for people with weak kidney and kidney.

– Quyet minh tu 12g, sentence sentence 12g, pig liver 250g. Cook drinking water. Treatment of night blinds.

– Quyet minh tu 12g, suicide maitreya 12g, 12g death sentence, female virgin 12g, real 12g, 12g cup, bi 16g. Excellent drinking water. Blind eyes, gradually unable to see.

– Decision of the death of 12g, the daisy flower of 12g, the chronicles of 8g, the bandit 8g. Sac drink. Treat acute conjunctivitis, red eye pain, excessive tearing.

Treatment of headache:

– Powder decided to death: decision of death 16g, jelly decisively 12g, chrysanthemum flower 12g, chronic scriptures 12g, royal bird 12g, 20g plaster, dahong 12g, cross 6g frame, wood bandits 12g, 8g, orange draft 4g. Sac drink. Treatment of heat-related headache, redness and swelling of the eyes.

– Decision minh death 12g, chrysanthemum flower 12g, chronicles 8g, 8g through frame, 8g full list. Sac drink. Treatment of natural head caused by heat.

Sedation, lowering blood pressure:

– Thao decided to (star) 20g, circuit 15g, interrelated (stars) 6g. Sac drink. Treatment of sleeplessness, sleep or lethargy, increased blood pressure.

– Thao decided to 12g, dry herb draft 12g, chrysanthemum flower 12g. Sac drink. Treatment of hypertension.

Treatment of high blood fat: Thao decided to collect 50g of water to drink 3 times a day.

Treatment of vaginal fungus: Thao decided to take 40g of water to get water, to warm and wash into the vagina. Do 10 consecutive days.

In addition, when using a separate workshop, it is also effective in treating hepatitis, hypertension and long-term defecation.

Taboo: The diarrhea is abstain.



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