Relieve poor eating, insomnia with bitter fruit

The bitter gourd also has a dipping stick, fish nuggets, mud crabs, and clay soils. The scientific name is Picria terrae Lour, belonging to the family Scrophulariaeae. A grassy species, living about 20cm tall each year.

Leaves opposite, with molars, long stalks, wing margin. Flower grows in the cluster of leaves. Flat paprika, located in the remaining station, looks like a mussel. Cylindrical, yellow, slightly in the middle. Fruit season in September – November. Wild plants in humid places, in the mountainous areas of our country.

Bitter plant.

Medicinal plants are whole plants, which can be harvested year-round, but preferably in summer; dried or dried, preserved in dry places cool to use gradually. According to Oriental medicine, honey has a bitter taste, cool features; into 4 heart, can, taste and colon. It has the effect of heat detoxification, epigastric system only (swelling of pain relief), appetite …

Some folk medicine experiences:

Lesson 1: Eating indigestion, enhancing digestion: Bitter aromas 100g, white wine 1 liter, sugar or honey 300g. Add the soil to the jar, pour wine, honey to soak, shake a day, soak for 15 days or more. Drink 1 cup each day (about 20ml) before meals.

Lesson 2: Cure anemia, fatigue, poor eating (can use for pregnant women after the birth): Bitter product 10g, ginseng 10g, saffron 20g. Pour the bitterness into 800ml boiling water to 200ml; ginseng and yellow finely chopped, dried, powdered, drink along with decoction. Once a day, before eating 30 minutes, take 10 consecutive days.

Problem 3: Cure urinary red hot due to: fresh bitterness, about 1 (about 20-30g), washed, poured 700ml of water color to 250ml, divided into 2 drinks of water a day. Use immediately for 10 days.

Unit 4: Relieve stomach pain due to cold: 30g bitterness, remove the root, wash, put in warm water poured 500ml, boil, simmer and 150ml of solid water, use 3 days.

Lesson 5: Cure dysentery, insomnia: bitter gourd, eucalyptus seeds (sap), sour apples (old star), paint, lotus seeds, circuits every 10g. All poured into warm water 800ml, watercolor 250ml, divided into 2 drinks a day. Use immediately for 10 days.



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