Postpartum drug treatment due to endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition of the nervous system of the nervous system.

Endometriosis belongs to the category of chronic diseases, manifestations of traditional medicine. Endometriosis symptoms such as severe abdominal pain in menstrual cycle, the longer the disease, the worse the pain and especially infertility if not treated in time. At the same time, patients often experience pain during and after sex, when going to the toilet.

The principle of treatment of Oriental medicine mainly by means of hemolytic enzyme treatment has brought high efficiency; drugs regulate immunity, regulate menstruation and blood, balance the yin and yang, help the body of women healthier and can get pregnant.bai-thuoc-tri-hiem-muon-do-lac-noi-mac-tu-1

Female reproductive anatomy images.

The stagnation of blood stasis

French treatment: pancreatic gas, hematuria.

Prescription: 20g; less than 15g; cross the frame 10g, peach 15g, flowers 15g, only 15g, 15g, 15g, 10g, 15g, 15g, 10g. Drinks.

If the stove is master, abdominal under heavy weight, less pain, 15g practice over death; If the blood stasis is the master, the lower abdominal pain is heavier, blooms 15g; if heavy duty costume 20g; If the abdomen under severe pain, the whole list of 3 children, 15g lag, 15g diarrhea; If there is hygienic 15g hygienic, 15g paint penetration, create 20g sense, 15g lace tamarind, 15g 15g; If the amount of heavy, 15g boron, 15g rhinoceros, 10g tam.

Soldering of blood stasis

French treatment: witches dissipation, blood clotting activities.

Remedy: 15g 15g, 15g, 15g, 15g, 15g, 10g, 10g, 15g, 15g cinnamon, cinnamon 15g, fat 15g. Drinks.

If more abdominal pain, cold sweating, household consumption 15g, penetration (processing) 10g; Damaged interior welding, 15g ginseng, 15g (made to order), the spirit of 20g; If relatively severe depression cum chest pain abdomen; moss white tongue, 15g gingerbread, pomegranate 10g, cucumber 15g, 20g.

The body is bloody stasis

French treatment: The benefits of gas, active blood stasis.

Remedy: royal 30g, 20g, 15g chain, 20g long, 10g frame, 15g peach, pink flowers 15g. Drinks.

If cold sweat sweat, cinnamon spent 15g, dark 15g; Abdomen painful many family 15g, 15g cottage back, 15g incense, 15g medicinal; If vomiting, nausea corn hostile 15g, can cure 10g, sell down 10g; Incredible nutmeg 15g, lake 15g three, supplemented only 20g.

Heat of blood stasis

French treatment: Cleansing the blood, the blood circulation.

Remedy : peach 15g, flowers 15g, 20g, 30g, 20g, cross 10g, 10g, 10g, 10g, 10g sand, 10g sand, 20g ginseng , knit 15g. Drinks.

When the economics of thermogenesis of 15g, weight loss 15g; 15g rhinoceros rhinoceros dry, only 10g; Abdominal pain more intestinal clematis 20g, germination 15 g, lactic acid 15g; Bitter throat mouth dry, annoying apples rats add 15g, phoenix 15g.

Kidney failure

French treatment: good hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids.

Remedies : 20g, 20g, 15g, 20g, 20g, 20g, weight 15g, rabbit 15g, peach 15g, flower 15g, pink 20g. Drinks.

Stomach aches and pains, 20g, 20g, 15g, live only 20g supplementary fiber, 20g chain jelly.



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