Medication for external medicine welding room – Sentimental style welding welding in the East, often encountered in the disease: the administrator, the abode, the description …

Expression: Patients feel cold in taste, always feel like ice in the taste, cold pain, filled, nausea and often vomit clear. When it is cold, the pain increases, when warm, the pain, tongue, moss white tongue slippery, circulatory or maintenance. The cause is due to the immutable, bad typing; In the heat-welded position, it loses the harmony, most of it is tainted by taint ingestion, or by eating poorly, eating cold food, or using too much cold soldering. Depending on the circumstances, the following medications are used:

Patients with extrapulmonary wounds: abdominal pain, malaria, headache, vomiting, diarrhea.

Medication for external medicine welding roomSome pills in the “patchouli gas canopy”

Treatment: Verbal interpretation.

12g patch, 12g patch, 12g patch, 12g patch, 12g patch, 8g patch, 8g patch, 8g patch, 8g patch. , sand 12g, licorice (prickly) 6g, born 12g, 12g apple great. One drink three times a day, drink when hungry.

Due to the overwhelmed solders patients suddenly echo, the court, the epigastric feel cold. Cold, pain increases, warm, pain.

Treatment: Wear the canopy pain relief.

Complete remedies: Cao Bang khong 40g, incense 40g. One drink a day, drink 3 times a day before eating. Drink when warm.

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pain in the larynx, but lighter, boiling stomach and pain around the navel.

Treatment: Welding center, description.

Postconditioning 12g, postcards 12g, paring 6g, canning 4g, nutmeg 8g, 12g, 6g, 6g. One drink a day, drink 3 times a day, before eating, drink when the drug is warm.



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