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Cramping is a common disease of all ages, with many causes. This disease is often seen when the body is tired or overactive, such as running for a long time, swimming in cold water, lack of exercise or lack of sleep. Eat less nutritious foods, especially electrolytes (calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium …).

It can be said, all causes leading to poor blood muscle nourishment can cause cramps.

Muscle massage with cramps.

Muscle massage with cramps.

Cramps and varicose veins are all related. Cramping is due to the amount and quality of blood nourished to the muscles in the limbs. Varicose veins are also a functional condition of blood vessel depletion, poor blood circulation which leads to fatigue. So, prevention of varicose veins also prevent cramps. When cramps are present, the entire muscle mass is shrunk, swollen, hard and very painful, the legs are not stretched, the toes are bent. The following are some massage operations to reduce muscle, muscle pain:

Step 1: massage the affected area with pain, warm up the area (gentle operation from the muscles around the pain area) can massage oil warm, or warm.

Step 2: Press a number of acupuncture points, each acupuncture minutes minutes.

Thua Son: Under the calf, the hollow meets the two sides under the twin muscle. Effects of weight loss, blood pressure, circulation … cramps, neurological pain …

Sea rabbit: Cover on the kneecap with measuring 1 inch, measured in 2 inches. Effect: blood circulation, blood circulation, lower …

Ocean tibia : hollow under the head on the bone. Effect: tendon, strong tendon, chasing legs in the room.

Intermediate: two-legged glory.

To prevent cramping, it is best to eat the most nutritious foods such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium … When exercise sports have to start thoroughly. When exercising in the hot sun remember to drink enough water. When swimming, avoid contact with cold water suddenly. Sleeping nights should keep the body warm, avoiding cold fans on both feet.



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