Honey – solitary spring prolonged

Honey is a perfect nutritional products should be classified as valuable items to advance the court; is the food must have to sacrifice the Greeks.

Honey is not only a valuable human nutritional product but also an indispensable ingredient in medicine.

Has honey ever since?

The records are very far away, perhaps with the emergence of dipterocarpus. Humans hunt animals to eat meat and honey for food and spices. At first it was called “honey, secret honey, honey”, today called honey. This is a valuable item of each region to advance the court in the East. In the Middle East, archaeologists found in the Great Pyramid those honey-filled remains of unchanged taste and utility; Honey was also used to mummify the princesses to survive the same time. Greek women have smooth skin, beautiful beauty may be closely associated with honey because they often put honey on the skin.


Honey honey – the “cool hand” most of the plant.

Honey honey – the “cool hand” most of the plant

In the spring, trees sprout, sprout, flower and produce the most fruit. When the flowers bloom, the pollen on the head is only hunched but bloomed but stick together by the wax, the head also expand and expand the sticky plastic. To make the fruit more colorful, blooming colorful flowers and fragrant tiny honeycomb at the bottom of the flowers charm the bees – the silk, termites. The honey bees have a special sight and sense of smell to determine the flower’s color far and the fragrance of flowers with extremely low concentration. When the bee enters the flower tube to extract honey, the pollen grabs the bee and the bee and brings more pollen to the pistil, so the first part of the pollination is complete. Finished the task of Mr. Silk, bees get gallbladder and 2 tiny chunks attached to the hind leg take home. Bees and plants have a very clever harmony that other insects do not have in propagating to the pistil.

Honey and “Honeymoon”: Egyptians and Greeks use honey for fermentation into wine and this wine is a specialty of each locality. “Honeymoon” or “Secret Month” originates from the customs of the German people: Newly married couples enjoy honey wine and live sweet love affection for a month.

Honey, the most perfect nutrition product

Honey contains 80% sugar, mainly glucose, levulose …; Saccharose, mantose, etc. are less common, usually less than 5%, if there is more than honey bred by sugar cane or mixed sugar cane – low quality bile. The heat produced by the honey is very high (100g bile for 328 – 335 calories) should be a good product for tonic tonic.

Honey is a store of vitamins and minerals that have been activated: Honey contains 0.4% protid and amino acids; 5.1 mg% Ca; 7,2 mg% P; 0.46 mg% Fe; 2.9 mg Mg; 0.004 mg% B 1 ; 0.04 mg% B 2 ; 0.2 mg of vitamin PP; 0.02 mg% B 6The 70mcg% panthotenic acid; Men: lipase, galactase, diastase …; Organic acids: acetic acid, malic acid, tactric acid, ficic acid … In addition to the above ingredients, there are few pollen, wax, some toxins in the toxic plants and essential oils for plants: honey mint honey, honey honey, honey honey. The amount of vitamins and minerals in honey, when compared to some other functional foods, is not high, but active vitamins and minerals so that when the hives are hatched they use sugar, vitamins, and minerals to deliver. Bees become baby before biting the fly away. No functional foods can do that. Honey is the best source, with vitamin B 6 to beautify and muscular; vitamin B 12combined with iron to enhance blood production, anti-anemia very effective; Panthotenic acid acts to promote sexuality, anti-aging and prevent disease for adults; B 1 , B 2 , B 12 promote metabolism, anti-atherosclerosis, reduce fat accumulation against obesity …

Honey is both the drug and the most perfect food:

Honey sweet, calculated average, non-toxic; The heart, can, spleen, taste and colon, have a nutritious, easy to digest, antibacterial, astringent should be used for fever, cold, antibacterial, swelling pepper; Helps to regulate air in systemic and chronic diseases: diabetes, chronic bronchitis, neuropathy, wind, hepatitis, insomnia, nervous breakdown … Children eat honey promote maturity, sexuality, and physical well-being. Older people eat honey can slow down the aging process and prolong life. Many studies have shown that honey supports and cures many diseases. With these high values, honey is considered to be a long-lasting and youthful longevity.



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