Healing with saplings

According to traditional medicine, safflower roots are soothing, antiseptic, used to treat cough, asthma, toothache or skin disease very well.

According to traditional medicine, safflower roots are soothing, antiseptic, used to treat cough, asthma, toothache or skin disease very well. Bark of millet has the effect of inflammation, detoxification, diuretic, used to treat scabies; Leaves mixed with fresh papaya leaves, pounded with lime to cure boils. Leaf leaves have antibiotic effect, diuretic diuretic … In folk also use leaves to treat emphysema or hepatitis by taking fresh leaves …

The saplings are grown in the South West. Small trees, with latex, twigs branching long, wide into thick canopy. Large leaves divided into 3 to 9 lobes elongated, fat stump, shedding scar on the branches, especially green leaves, when it turns yellowish brown, hard as decorative objects. Male flower with yellow flowers. Spike flower spherical spherical, fleshy when young blue vertical on the branch, the old golden switch is very durable. The fruit tree is very beautiful.

The seeds are round or oval, growing in clusters, used for processing many delicious dishes. Often chopped fruit is cut into small slices, then soaked with crispy fried flour, eat as good as bread.

Stir steak.

Some common remedies:

Lesson 1: Support diabetes treatment: leaf sage (old leaves) 100g, fresh peas 100g, guava leaves 50g. All cooked for 700ml water, cooked to 400ml instead of tea every day, 15 days a course.

Lesson 2: Cure management: fresh leaves (about 100g), cucumber 100g, dry grass (male socks) 50g. All of them are cooked with 550ml of water, 200ml of tea is taken instead of tea daily, 10 days of a course.

Lesson 3: Toothache relief: Root tea sucking root and mouth rinsing will help reduce toothache.

Unit 4: Supports treatment of hepatitis yellow skin: fresh leaves leaves 2 leaves (100g), green asparagus 50g, fresh spikes 50g, dried squid 50g. All cooked with 550ml of water, cooked to 250ml, divided into 2 times a day, 10 days a course.

In addition, some places where people often take chopped celery stalks is a delicious dish that has good heat dissipation effect. This dish is very simple, the ribs are purchased for washing up salt water, then rinse with clean water. Put the young side into a pot of boiling water, turn off the stove, pour that water, fresh water and continue to boil. Shrimp peeled, sliced, when boiling water is put into the pot. Add the seasoning to taste, wait for the water in the boiling pot to turn off the kitchen. add onions, smell, spices and hot.

Note: Before using the drug should be taken to reduce the drug to match and achieve high results in treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to have reputable physicians for specific counseling. For people who do not have the disease, do not use the leaves regularly drink regularly.



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