Good medicine treats kidney pain

The kidney pain in Eastern medicine is called “Kidney Disease”. The phenomenon of small stones moving down the ureter causes the kidneys and ureters to contract, causing pain.

The kidney pain in Eastern medicine is called “Kidney Disease”. The phenomenon of small stones moving down the ureter causes the kidneys and ureters to contract, causing pain.The cause of bladder and urinary distress is long-term, which results in stone formation, causing gas dysfunction, urinary incontinence to cause severe abdominal pain, tenderness to the back, and to the area thigh genital.

Symptoms : Sudden pain in the abdomen of the abdomen is fierce, pain like cutting, pain spreads to the back and spreads to the inside of the thigh, urinary tract pain, instant, want urinary incontinence, face re-sweating, sweating , nausea or vomiting. Severe pain may faint. However, depending on the location and nature of each type of stone, the pain occurs differently.

– Pelvic pain in the renal pelvis : Less pain if the stone position is in the kidney parenchyma. When the gravel is located in the radio or renal pelvis, it will cause urine retention in the renal pelvis, renal cortex or cause secondary infection or dull pain in an area on the side, sometimes pain on both sides. Makes the urine dark or urinate.

– Pebbles are located on the ureters: Pain is intense every time the stones move, causing the patient to stand still, sweating. Pain characteristics are also quite intense, such as tearing, such as stabbing, spreading down the bladder and groin area, thighs, which may include hematuria.

– Bladder stones often show pain in the lower abdomen accompanied by severe urination, urination, sometimes when the urinary sudden blockage and sharp pain, but when changing position posture to urinate.

– Urethral stones often cause urinary retention, painful urination to the tip of the penis and pain like tearing away the patient to cry.

Based on the causes of pathophysiology, dialectical arguments need to benefit from low heat, air and mind.

Based on the dialectical dialect, the methods:

Activated blood gas physiotherapy: works to moderate the air muscles, air, and stagnation. Treatment of renal colic: Including: 30g octopus, only 30g, licorice 10g, 5g frankincense, 12g medicine umbrella, 12g great, 15g all-over, non-circulation king 15g, 20g royal Colors drink hot on a ladder, divided 2-3 times.

Decreased: If welding is lost, the enemy is corn, revenge, sacrifice, incense. Primary blood bleeding many families, the next small. If due to low heat many biogeography, eukaryotes, pine needles, far from coins. When there is a lot of pain, there is no more frankincense, herbal medicine.

Ginseng sub-spices spice: beneficial effects of temperate gas, active blood, and only. Treatment of kidney pain caused by stones. Including the party ginseng 30g, 30g spirit, 15g side, born 6g, frankincense prepared 12g, a 10g medicine. Sac drank on a ladder; usually take 1 – 4 ladders is out. If you want to kick out the gravel, you need to add other ingredients accordingly.

The leg of the dance is reduced: This method has a positive effect of welding, glass, and thread. Treatment of kidney pain caused by stones. Including the position as sub-processing 9-10g, 10g kumquat, 10 g pears, 10-9 rhubarb, octopus (stars) 30g, 30g spirit, licorice injection 3g, born 3 slices. Sac drank on a ladder, divided 2-3 times a day.

New subordinate ghosts: The effect of the method is peaceful, spread, postponed, and only. Treatment of renal colic due to urinary stones. You include ephedra 6g, Te 6g, 15g. Sac boiled big fire, did not boil it long, picked up the foam above, drank warm. If not less than half an hour later, drink again.

Adding gas utility facilities: Phuong has the effect of supplementing gas, air and gas utility to endorse, postpone, and level. Treatment of renal colic due to kidney stones, urinary stones. Ladder includes ginseng party 15g, 12g white agate, 18g imperial period, 10g matriarch, 10g star anise, 10g spitting, 5g, ma 5g, 5g ceiling, 5g frankincense, 5g licorice injection, buds 30g dew, apple pink 5 fruits, born 3 slices, sharp drink on 1 ladder, divided 2-3 times a day.



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