Food, liver tonic

Hepatitis is the category of yellowing (yellowing of the skin), rash (pain in the hip area), accumulation (blockage in the abdomen or swelling or pain).

According to Chinese medicine, hepatitis is a category of jaundice (yellowing of the skin), rash (pain in the hip area), accumulation (blockage in the abdomen or swelling or pain). The main manifestation is the pathology of the system of Pilibus (digestive system). Here are some foods, medications have a liver effect.

Sticky rice : 20g sticky rice, sticky rice 50g, white sugar just enough. Put all in the pot, pour the water into porridge. Eat in the morning and evening, can eat long term. Indication: Supports treatment of chronic hepatitis, arteriosclerosis


Chicken liver soup: 200g boiled chicken, 1 egg, 1 to 5 eggs. Wash the sliced pan, boiled water, beat the eggs stir well, when cooked for onion, spices are okay. Can eat long lasting. Uses: blood, liver.

Dandelion Porridge: Many modern studies have shown that dandelion sweetness is non-toxic, has broad-spectrum inhibitors and bactericidal activity, which inhibits and destroys staph yellow, typhoid, bacillary dysentery. Dandruff porridge works to prevent cancer, reduce blood pressure, eliminate toxins in the liver. How to do: 60g dandelion, honeysuckle 30g, rice 100g, salt 1/2 teaspoon, seasoning powder 1/2 small spoon. Dandelion, honeysuckle sharpened the juice, leave the pulp. Rice husk clean, soaked half an hour. Place the pan on the stove, pour the boiling water, boil it, turn the small fire about 1 hour until complete. Pour into the cooking water together. Split 2 times to eat warm. 15 days is a process.

Goat Liver: 150g goat, 100g rice, onion, ginger, cooking oil with just enough salt, 1/2 teaspoon salt. How to do: clean the liver, cut small pieces. Clean rice porridge, porridge with a small fire until porridge, ripe liver is complete. Eat hot and light on an empty stomach. Use: Helps filter blood, anti-oxidation.

Goat liver porridge, liver tonic.

Cut lean meat – royal: lean meat 0.5kg, royal 10g, peas 50g, white cabbage 200g, salt just enough, pepper a little, 1 liter water. How to do: Lean meat washed sliced, through the boiling water and then picked out. Wash washed, sliced white cabbage, peas cleaned. Pour boiling water, add royal, lean meat boil, turn small fire cooking 1 hour, add cabbage, 20 minutes tofu, seasoning salt, pepper, hot food. 10 days is a process. Uses: Antioxidant, activates immune cells.



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