Food for anemic children

The most common anemia in young children is iron deficiency anemia, orthodox medicine of traditional medicine.

Cause of children with helminthic disease lead to poor absorption of iron …; Inadequate iron intake due to inadequate nutrition or inadequate diet leads to chronic anemia …

The white face, white, pale nails, fleshy, tired, playful, do not want to eat, restless. In severe cases, there may be chronic anemia accompanied by liver, swollen spleen, abdomen, small legs, blood test with low red blood cell count, serum iron lower. Here are some good baby food recipes.

Chicken liver liver: chicken and chicken 1 set, 50g rice, vegetable oil, spices just enough. Minced chicken, chicken cut into small pieces, marinated, fried with vegetable oil to ripen. Grind the flour into the pan, pour the water just enough, stirring evenly over a small fire, when the rice porridge is cooked for the liver and chicken to stir evenly, the porridge is boiling again. Feed the child twice a day when hungry. Need to eat immediately 10 days, 5 days off for 10 days.

Eel soup: 200g eel, 50g rice, 5g ginger, vegetable oil, spices just enough. Eel clean the organ, remove the head from the eyes up, drop the tail from the anus. Put the eel into the bowl, steamed the water to ripen, remove the lean meat. Ginger small filtered for a tablespoon of water with fish sauce, soup into eel mixed meat, vegetable oil fried to dry. Eel fist filtered fresh water. Rice grinds into the filtered water, eel bones boil over small fire, ripe porridge for eel to stir evenly, boiling porridge is okay. Feed the child once a day when hungry. Need to eat about 15 – 20 days.

Pigeon steak: 1 pigeon, 15g ginseng, 20g, 20g, enough spices (if no ginseng, can be replaced with lotus seeds, longan). Pigeons choose to fly, clean, remove viscera, for ginseng, regulators, soup to the belly of seagulls, fish cellar, bird feedings for children to eat twice a day. Two days a day. Feed 5 – 10 children.

Steaming black ear: 15 g black mute ear, 15 jujube, lean pork 50g, white sugar 10g. Black ear muffs soaked soft, washed out the real small. Jujube skillet, minced pork chopped cleaned. All in the bowl mixed with white sugar, steamed water, cooked meat to feed children once a day. Eat for 10-15 days.

Note: Children with iron deficiency anemia need to strengthen the food, water rich in iron as water spinach, beans, eggs, ducks, birds, lean meat, animal liver, duck chicken …; Fresh fruits are high in vitamins A, C such as oranges, tangerines, apples, tomatoes, carrots, gacas, cucumbers, broccoli … Do not give your baby a lot of animal fat, undigested.



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