Eastern medicine for chronic rhinitis

Eastern medicine called “nose” (dry nose) is a chronic rhinitis. The manifestation of the disease is nasal mucosa is shrinking, the lower part of the cane is shrunk, enlarged nasal cavity, many green scales.

Bacteria and proliferating bacteria develop under the scales, causing symptoms of blockage within the nose, burning nose, dry nasal congestion, dry mucous membranes, lose your sense of smell. Here are some treatments for rhinitis.

bee-y-chua-viem-mui-man-tinh-1Picture of healthy sinus and sinusitis.

Item 1: 15g 15g, 15g 15g, 15g ginseng 15g, 15g ginseng, 15g ginseng ginseng, 20g ginseng, death through the frame 10g, the winter circuit (hair first) 10g, 10g. Everyday 1 strokes drink.

Exercise 2g 15g, 15g 15g, 15g, 15g, 15g rose, 15g rose, 10g peach, 1 cup of fresh water each day.

bee-y-chua-viem-mui-man-tinh-2Plants and herbs to prevent chronic sinusitis.

Lotion 15g, 15g 15g, 15g 15g, 15g earrings, 15g honeysuckle, 10g honey, 10g honey, 10g honey, 10g pepper, 10g room 20 g gypsum, 20g algae, 12g almonds, patchouli 10g, almonds 10g, fish lettuce 20g, drinking water.

Lecture 4: sand 10g, royal 10g, natural flowers (long roots) 10g, 10g, 1 sprout, 10g earrings, 12g honey, 6g licorice, 1 month Good drink.

Lesson 5: 20 g sauteed ginseng, 20 g celery, 20 g of longan, 12g of rose flower, 12g of rose petal, 10g of sand, 30g of apricot, drinking water. Inhalation heat to light people, inflammation of the nose due to negative yen.

Exercise 6g, 6g, 6g, 6g, 10g, 10g, 10g, 15g pear, eucalyptus 6g, drinking water, treating rhinitis.

Lesson 7: Nam ginseng 15g, gypsum 15-30g, jelly (royal orchid) 15g, chrysanthemum flowers 10g, royal 10g, tang b 12g, drinking water, 1 month divided into 2 times.

Lesson 8: Melon Root, Drinking Water or Leaning Pork, Treatment of Rhinitis.

Item 9: 15g birth 15g, 15g, 15g, 15g, 10g, 10g, 5g, 5g, 5g, orange 5g.

Drinking water for 1 day, for 5 days, 5 days for another drink.



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