Dream – the drug clean the lungs, except cough

Apricots are a familiar fruit, used in many lives. Apricots with sugar are great drinks in the summer,

Apricot is a familiar fruit, applied in many lives. Apricots with sugar is a great drink in the summer, has a cooling effect, soluble in the sun, feeling hot. Not only that, dreams have many valuable therapeutic effects.

Dreams give us many drugs: almond is the dried kernel of the dream ; distilled apricots, apricot blossoms are cooked into white apricots or apricots; can combine with fresh ginger, licorice and salt to make licorice apricot; Almond oil is oil from apricot seeds

In the flesh contains citric acid, tactric acid; Street; dextrin, starch, carotene, lyponen, tannin, etc. In the kernel of oil, amygdalin. A bitter dream, temperament; in business, spleen and waste. Has the effect of hunting the intestines, clean the lungs, new epidemics, acne boils, except worms. For cough, heat damage, anxiety, pain relief, long-term diarrhea. Blood, hemorrhage, worms, nausea. Dosage: 6g – 12g. The following are some prescription medications.

Apricot is a cooked apricot, a popular oriental medicine.

Burns only (clean the lungs, except cough):

Lesson 1: Optional umbrella volume, color, condensed into high. Before going to bed, add honey to drink. Cure long-term cough.

Lesson 2: 12g umbrella, 12g almonds, 12g almonds, 12g almonds, 12g almonds, 8g lettuce, 6g mustard, 4g licorice. Drinks. Damaged, coughing for a long time.

New only thirst, heat treatment, dry mouth damage: 12g apricot blossom, pollen 12g, 12g sand 12g, royal 12g, 12g freeze, licorice 4g. Powdered, brewed with honey. Take 2 times, 8g each time; or drink.

Gut: 12g, 12g, 12g, 12g, 12G, 12g, 6g, 6g, 4g. The general crushed into powder, complete. Take 2 times, 8g each time; or drink.

Extinguishing worms, roundworm treatment:

Article 1: 12g apricot oil, 12g additives, royal 6g, canal 6g, canned 6g, 6g pepper, cinnamon 8g, 4g fresh, 12g, 12g ginseng. Sprinkle with fine flour, beat with honey. Take 2 times, 8g each time; or drink. Treatment of vomiting with roundworm, roundworm round the bile ductus, cold hands and feet, abdominal pain intense.

2: umbrella 12g, rhubarb 12g, 12g pepper, 12g millet, 12g only, 12g roasted roots, 4g pepper, 6g canned, 6g canned, 4g fresh. Drinks. Treatment of abdominal pain caused by roundworm.

Lesson 3: 12g apricot blossom, 12g grapevine, 12g bell pepper root, 12g earrings. Drinks. Treatment of goiter in the bile duct.

Apricot oil is a laxative with a dose of 5 – 15 ml, milk and cure, slippery and glossy hair

Alcohol soaked apricots make tonic, help eat delicious rice, soft drinks, heat.

Taboo: People with malaria or dysentery play a new role; Unsolicited or unreasonable. Do not eat more vulnerable teeth.



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