Chives – Antibiotics from nature – Chickpea is not only an indispensable ingredient in many dishes such as shrimp fried shallot leaves, fried goat liver fried, porridge shallots, barbecued noodles … Not only that, Antibiotics from many diseases.


The chives are also known as the Alllium tuberosum, the Honey – Allaceae. Trees are grown for spices, containing sulfur compounds, saponins, bitter substances, odorin active ingredients, rich in vitamin C and have good antibacterial properties, especially for the respiratory and intestinal tract.


Shrimp is a delicious spice for many dishes, it is also a cure for many diseases in the cold season.


Fever for cough fever, cough in adults, children: take a handful of freshly washed shallot, chopped with little sugar steamed in rice cooker or watered, cooled, adults eat water and young I drink water (use fresh leaves, should not boil will disable the effect of antibiotics).

Asthma level: 10g chives or chives leaves 20g crushed, juice juice.

Sore throat: chewing fresh chives with some salt. Or fresh chives 10 – 12g, pound to drink water.

Bleeding, tuberculosis : tubers or fresh leaves pound for drinking water.

Chronic liquids: fried chives or chives soup often. Eat for a month and a half in winter, spring.

Hemorrhoids: safflower fried hot, wrap cloth curtain, heat, heat.

Foot: 40g chives, gauze leaves 10g, gac seeds 2 seeds. All pounded and put on the bottle.

Constipation: golden chives, pounded. Each drink 5g, boiling water 2 times a day.

The insect enters the ear: the shallot leaves, squeezing the juice into the ear.

Bedwetting in children: 50g rice, chives 25g. Rice vermicelli cooked porridge, chives roots squeeze water into porridge is boiling, add a little sugar, eat hot. Used continuously for 10 days.

Many nights: the shallot leaves, roses, roses, roses, roses, roses, ginseng, 40g each. All dried powder, each drink 6g, 2 times with warm water.

Moon, chives : chives 5g cooked porridge, eat 5 consecutive days.

Bad breath: eat a week or 300g chives with honeycomb star beetle honey bean, on a few dozen tablets.

Women postpartum dizziness: 10g chives, onions 10g. Two small pieces, mixed with vinegar. Grate the red brick, chives and onions, steamed.

Toothache: Take a handful of shallot leaves (whole roots) to the skin, put on the pain, continuously until the cure.

Sweat theft: 200g fresh chives, 100g solid me



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