Celery lowers blood pressure

Celery provides a lot of essential nutrients for the body should be able to prevent some dangerous diseases, especially high blood pressure.

Not only is the raw material used to prepare many delicious dishes, celery also provides a lot of essential nutrients for the body should be able to prevent some dangerous diseases, especially high blood pressure .

Hypertension affects the health of more than 1 billion people worldwide and is the most important cardiovascular risk factor associated with coronary heart disease, heart failure, and heart disease, according to the World Health Organization. cerebral blood vessel disease and chronic kidney disease.

People with low blood pressure should not take celery. Do not store celery in the refrigerator for more than 2 weeks as furanocoumarin in celery will increase by 25 times, which can cause cancer. Vegetables need help to maintain the style of the men, but if abuse will have the opposite effect desired.

But fortunately in vegetables eaten daily use very rich in medicinal properties should also be medicines such as vegetables, celery , for example.

It was determined in 100g celery leaves containing up to 6.3% protein; 0.6% lipid; 2.1% trace elements (calcium, phosphorus, iron); Pineapple essential oil: limonene and the metabolites of sadanolic acid. In addition to the minerals, vitamins and nutrients, celery also contains a large proportion of hormones and essential oils that have a strong and characteristic aroma. Vegetables help fight flatulence, bloating, stimulating excretion, increasing urine output, and especially increasing sexual desire. Since it is rich in potent substances, celery has another name, celery, in the Latin sense “fast action”.

Treat high blood pressure : Celery contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, rich protid (double compared to other vegetables), some amino acid free oil, mannitol, inositol, vitamins, increasing cravings eat, promote blood circulation, enhance immunity and brain.

Celery contains natural apigenin that helps prevent high blood pressure and dilates blood vessels. Many researches have shown that vegetables should have a marked effect on blood pressure lowering , duration of maintenance depending on the dose of more or less and on each subject.



How to use: celery juice for drinking water (3 times) drink until blood pressure is stable. Or, use fresh vegetables to squeeze a little extra honey and sugar, the same amount, warm and warm, drink immediately, also results in marked blood pressure . Celery use the body 50g, about the knuckles, poured 3 bowls of water, shade a bowl, drink three times that. After a short time, blood pressure will be stable.

Kidney, low blood pressure : celery 100g, lean pork 100g, chicken broth 300ml, mushroom 30g, strawberry 10g, onion 10g, ginger 5g, salt, oil just enough. Pour the oil into a spicy non-spice pan and let the remaining chicken and boiled water, simmer for 20 minutes, divided into 2 to 3 times a day.

Cure high cholesterol: celery and black apples bring water to drink tea every day. After a month, the amount of fat in the blood will decrease markedly. On the other hand, because of the high magnesium and iron content, it is recommended to drink vegetable juice and carrots daily, which is effective in treating anemia, Hodgkin’s disease, hemorrhoids.

For patients with stroke , immobilized: take fresh celery juice pounded in combination with Western medicine or rehabilitation is very good. In celery contains more calcium, iron, phosphorus, rich in protid and double the other vegetables. The free amino acids in celery are also great, essential oils, manitol, inositol, vitamins will help increase appetite, promote blood circulation and brain tonic.

The use of celery: Cancer prevention, nervous stability, digestive support, reduce arthritis, anti-swelling, lower blood pressure, eliminate kidney stones, calcium alleviate, maintain healthy brain.

The use of celery: Cancer prevention, nervous stability, digestive support, reduce arthritis, anti-swelling, lower blood pressure , eliminate kidney stones, calcium alleviate , maintain healthy brain.

Treatment of gout: The presence of alkalis in celery has the effect of neutralizing the acid, so that the vegetables should be able to support the disease of high acid in the blood as high blood urea, infection blood, rheumatism and gout.

Respiratory Diseases: Celery seeds have a cushioning effect that should be used to treat asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy and tuberculosis.

Prevent kidney stones: Eating celery can help prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Treatment of diarrhea as milk: preparation and use celery root cut close to the stem, preferably diameter of 2cm or more (if the smaller it should be increased). Each time using 10 roots, wash them into 500ml boiling water until the dry skin is about 200ml then take to drink. It should be taken twice daily in the morning, at night, on an empty stomach. The results are very effective. Take the drug from 3 to 7 days urine back completely in.

Cure Insomnia: The amount of alkaline in celery is used to help people who are suffering from insomnia can sleep better. This mineral makes the nervous system softer, less stressful and anxious.

Helping strong bones: This vegetable is a good source of vitamin K, along with a great deal of calcium and magnesium – are beneficial for bone formation and help keep the joints healthy. Celery also contains polyacetylene, an anti-inflammatory, which reduces swelling and pain around the joints.

Diuretic: The potassium and sodium content in celery will be responsible for the ability to help diuretic. They stimulate the body to produce urine and regulate the amount of fluid in the body by removing excess water.

celery juice

Celery juice

Constipation: Since ancient times, celery has been used as a laxative. They soothe nerves that are overactive due to artificial laxatives. As a result, relieve constipation naturally.

Cure yellow skin : fried 150g celery with 15g pig stomach, eating continuously for 1 week to 10 days will see the effect.

Treatment of chronic hepatitis : use celery stir fry or drink water continuously for many days, months.

Cure colds: eat celery with hot porridge or eat raw, cook soup, fried …

Cure mouthwash, throat: 30g celery washed, crushed, squeezed water, added a few granules of crystal salt, gargle 3 times a day, or can be swallowed slowly away.



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